A step-by-step guide: How to sell drugs online


This is an instruction manual to get you started selling drugs online but you are of course allowed to think for yourself.

Why should I sell drugs online?

You don’t have to sell drugs online – just like you don’t have to sell sex, power tools or kiss your significant other. However all of these activities are a human right simply due to the fact that you own yourself and your things. You have an irrevocable moral right to undertake anything as long as you don’t violate the life, freedom and proprietary rights of other human beings.

Does the voluntary exchange of goods violate anybody? Obviously not.

Therefore there is nothing inherently wrong in selling cocaine, cannabis and MDMA to your fellow human beings. The criminals in this equation are the uniformed goons of the state that kick down your door, rob you of your things and kidnap you in order to lock you up.

These are the violent criminals.

Those were the moral reasons but there are certainly many practical and utilitarian reasons to why you should sell narcotics on the dark web. Through this type of online business you are making the world a better place. Under the yoke of prohibition the world is a more insecure and violent place as long as armed gangs control the market at street level. The more transactions we can move to an online platform, the easier we can avoid conflicts and shootings.

This is not a criminal. This is the founder of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht.

The great advantage for the customer is that he doesn’t have to meet up with sketchy and prepared-to-exert-violence people in the streets. Everything is done online, including disputes over price and quality.

Last, but not least, it is important to defy the criminal potentates and their brutal and moralless henchmen. We don’t have to accept that they make the world a worse place through their illegitimate prohibition and violation of our freedom.

And now, the fun part!

How will I be safe when I’m selling drugs online?

There are many things to factor in when you’re about to sell euphoriant substances on The Interwebs. It is neither without risks nor impunity to trade in these substances as you please, so the importance of staying one step ahead of the authorities is understandable.

There are two key elements to preserve your anonymity online.

  • Operations security (OpSec)
  • Digital security

Due to safety reasons we have decided to use Zion, a market that supports Monero (XMR) for this guide.

Now, you can remain anonymous when using Bitcoin but you might as well be one step ahead the authorities and use Monero which has hard-coded anonymity.

To keep this guide as manageable as possible we have divided it into smaller bits. Accompanying this guide are a handful of smaller guides on how to install and use the varying kinds of software mentioned and a guide on how to use Monero, the anonymous cryptocurrency.

Learn to install the secure operating system Tails here.

Learn to use PGP encrypted communication here.

Learn more about Monero here.

In this guide we will go through the basics regarding OpSec and digital security when trading in intoxicants on the Internet. But – there’s always a but – as mentioned in the disclaimer, it is not a bad idea to think for yourself. Just a little bit.

There are many resources on the web, just a click away, at DuckDuckGo or Google where you can read more about OpSec and security in general when using the software mentioned in this guide and in trading illegal substances on the dark web, so we recommend you spend a little time reading up on what others are writing now that you’re about to create a drug empire on Darknet.

Operations Security

OpSec is a way of approaching the protection of information and data and is originally a five-step process to identify potential leaks of critical information that can lead to the unwanted revealing of a person or an organisation.

More generally put OpSec is the process used when you want to protect yourself and others against the collection of smaller bits of information which may expose the bigger picture.

As a practical example of bad OpSec here’s the story of Ross Ulbricht.

Ulbricht is assumed to be the person behind the now shut down Silk Road, the former largest market for alternative substances at TOR.

The investigation had gone on for a long time when all of a sudden some fiends at FBI found something usable. Back in June 2013 an FBI-agent googled “Silk Road” and “.onion” and by filtering the results to only show results dated prior January 31 2011 – right before Silk Road really took off – the agent found a post called “A Heroin Store” at Bitciontalk.org.

The user that had posted it went under the alias “altoid”, and the post contained a link to a WordPress blog with instructions on how to get in to Silk Road.

When the agent went through altoid’s other posts, he came across a post from 2011 wherein altoid was looking for “the best and brightest IT pro in the bitcoin community to be the lead developer in a venture backed bitcoin startup company.”

Should this have caught one’s interest, one could contact “rossulbricht at gmail dot com”.

Thus the ball against Ulbricht started rolling. For using his private email in the early stages of creating Silk Road. He is currently serving a life sentence for victimless “crimes”.

Aw, shucks. Let’s try not to end up in a similar way.

The OpSec part in preserving your anonymity online is as important as having a grip on the digital part regarding software and different hardware units.

Since safety and comfort often are each other’s opposites, you need to find a reasonable balance between what you’re doing versus the risk of punishment.

With a high level of comfort you’ll have a lower level of security. With higher levels of security you’ll have a lower level of comfort.

If you’re sending a postcard to your grandmother, you probably won’t mind that people can read the back of it. That’s comfort and not secure at all. If you’re selling drugs online (or to your grandma), you probably shouldn’t use postcards to communicate. Or send merch.

The use of the digital units you’ll need to follow this guide effects the level of your OpSec, but it’s basically about keeping your future, digital pusher profile complete anonymous and cut off from your person in every conceivable way.

Aside from using your brain here are a few tips on good OpSec:

  • Don’t use an alias/userID or password(s) you’ve ever used before anywhere.
  • Don’t log in, type in your alias/userID and/or password(s) in places where you are surrounded by people that might pose a risk to your security.
  • The same goes for cameras. Don’t use the public space or places with video surveillance in the online selling of drugs.
  • Make sure all units are encrypted.
  • Never use your business units for personal errands such as Facebook, Twitter, email an so on. Not even if you can use these services through TOR. It’s just a no-go.

Digital security

You must be prepared to make a few minor investments prior to becoming the Escobar of the Internet. This springs from the OpSec part and is something we’ll need to elaborate on when we’re fooling the authorities.

We’re not saying you can’t use your discarded laptop and that old Android phone your aunt Turid gave you for helping her getting started on her new iPhone and that you now keep in that drawer. But we are saying that you don’t care about your freedom if you do so.

The best way to secure your new, anonymous online identity is to use new units that has never been connected to you or anyone you know.

And use TOR.

And Tails.

And TOR should operate on a non-persistent installation of Tails.

You can’t get around using TOR but the clever reader has already noticed this, as all darknet markets operate on .onion-addresses.

If this is the first you hear of TOR or if you’re unsure of what an operating system is, you’ll be better off getting off the Internet now and go get some fresh air.

Preparation time!

To get started you’ll need the following:

  • Laptop
  • Tails OS on a flash drive (learn to install and use Tails here)
  • Label maker
  • Smartphone
  • Prepaid SIM-card with data
  • Narcodrugs
  • Bags and packaging gear for shipping
  • Monero (note that it isn’t free to create a sales profile on all markets)

Purchasing the necessary hardware

Before you go shopping for the necessities for your drug adventure say “I must never ever ever use my credit card to purchase anything business related” a hundred times. This goes for debit as well. Leaving an electronic trail on your bank statements is flat out foolish. This information is only a warrant away from the eager officer who may undertake the investigation against you and your business.

So everything must take place with cash – preferably withdrawn far from where you’re spending it.


Luckily the software you need to run your business isn’t that demanding. Any newer low-end laptop will do. So off to your local electronics store you go!

Since some warehouses are registering the customers by name and phone number in order to smoothen out a potential complaint or return issue, give the sales clerk a false name and false phone number. Businesses aren’t required by law to register their customers so they won’t care about the validity of your identity.

Consider wearing a cap or a hat to make it harder to recognize you should the surveillance tapes be reviewed. Chances of this being a fruitious investigation step are however infinitesimal as an investigation is usually initiated months after you’ve started your business. By that time the surveillance tapes will have been deleted – these are usually only kept for a few months.

Should you consider buying used equipment, which we advise against, don’t use your own phone number or Facebook profile to contact a seller. And so on. OpSec above all.

Tails on a flash drive

See our guide to use Tails here.

Label maker

You can either use a regular printer or a label maker. It’s pretty given that you shouldn’t have handwritten labels on outgoing goods.

Since you’re using Tails (which is a Linux-based operating system) we recommend you use a regular printer and self-adhesive paper as labels. An actual label printer would be practical but it isn’t exactly cooperative on a Linux machine.

As with pretty much any other piece of electronic equipment some printers may contain technologies that can “track” them, as in every print can be traced back to the individual printer. We are talking about the yellow, so-called “tracking dots”. It is possible to find printers without this “feature” and the EFF (Electronic Foundation Frontier) has written about it here.

So use the same MO when getting a printer as when getting a laptop. Anonymously and paid in cash.


The exact same considerations as with the laptop apply on purchasing the smartphone, which you’ll get for the purpose of getting your laptop online. It’s important that you can get a new one, pay by cash and that you can encrypt it with a password.

Luckily most newer Android models are factory encrypted. You just have to use a six-digit passcode for it, making its contents that much harder to reach for a potential investigator. We might as well make it as difficult as possible for our uniformed adversary.

Shop around before you buy. The cheapest smartphones may not support a full encryption.

Avoid buying used. You never know what the previous owner might have installed. There are myriads of trojans for Android that will still be in the outer layers of it even if you reset the factory settings.

Do not consider your new phone a phone. Consider it a mobile router for Internet sharing, aka. a hotspot.

If you’re really serious about this, you shouldn’t even keep your actual phone and your new hotspot-phone near each other while they’re both on, as the authorities are able to link them together through GSM-info.

Likewise you shouldn’t log on to you private WiFi with your business laptop or use your “secret” WiFi hotspot for anything but the business laptop.

Prepaid SIM-card with data

For obvious reasons you can’t register your new phone with a service provider. Get a prepaid SIM with data which you’ve paid for with cash instead. Denmark still has some options in this regard, kiosks are your best bet.

If you’re really sneaky you’ll send some kids in to different stores to get the prepaid phone packages, SIM and data, and do so a while before you actually need them. You can send an adult or your dog if he talks – the important part is that it isn’t you on the store surveillance.

When you get your new phone up and running, it’s really important that you don’t use it for phone purposes, i.e. calling or texting people from it. You must not use the GSM network for these activities with this type of phone. Once you’ve called uncle Ollie from your business phone, you’ve given a potential investigator a precious lead to uncovering your true identity. So no texts and no calls ever and no private communication whatsoever. Your new phone number must never be revealed to anyone – a phone number gives the investigator the upper hand against you.

When you get your business going, you can rotate both phone and SIM out of circulation on a monthly basis. A method the authorities use against free online markets is correlating your online profile’s uptime with the phone number used to gain Internet access. Perfect correlation between the two over longer periods of time might get you in trouble.

Replacing your phone at this frequency should be the biggest expense once business gets rolling anyway.

Alternative Internet connection – WiFi booster

There’s a fine alternative to Internet connection through the hotspot of a smartphone. Using a phone has its pros and cons. The pros are that you have a relatively reliable, anonymous and portable Internet connection. The biggest con is having a physical item that can link your activities on your sales profiles to your person. An investigation will uncover that your phone is active at the same time as your sales profile.

Furthermore a warrant will reveal that all of the phone’s data activity go through TOR – not an evidence in and on its own but a circumstance you’d like to avoid.

Alternately you can drive TOR through a VPN on your phone but you can google that one.

It can sometimes be a good idea to connect to the Internet through open routers in your area. To optimize your chances of finding these, you can buy an extern WiFi-card with its own antenna that connects through a USB-port. A card like this will typically double your WiFi reach.

An example of one of these USB-units is this device – the Freedom Activist has tested it and it does exactly what it promises.

External WiFi-antenna

A sneaky solution with phone

A really sneaky alternative, that may not be for all, would be to hide the phone a safe place where you can still connect to it. This could be an attic space with an electric outlet.

In this way you can hide the phone so it doesn’t get found during a potential raid. In theory you only need to access it when you’re topping it up.

And remember, damn you, to encrypt the entire thing with a delicious password and have a six-digit passcode on the lock screen.


You figure that out.

Bags and packaging gear for shipping

OpSec must be at high levels here so you’ll need:

  • Spraybottle/atomizer with rubbing alcohol
  • Disposable rubber/examination gloves
  • Envelopes
  • Vacuum packer (not need to have but nice to have)
  • Packing desk (not that your business depends on having this. You could just throw an oilcloth, a plastic cover or something similar on the table – wipe it down with rubbing alcohol after use)
  • Face mask (optional)
  • Mylar (optional)

How do I sell drugs online?

Start Tails and TOR.

Go to https://www.reddit.com/r/ZionMarket/comments/7bwzf6/latest_zion_mirrors_updated_daily/

These are the latest addresses to Zion.

They run on the latest TOR v3 protocol so it’s a fast running market compared to other markets.

Very nice.

Enter the market in the TOR browser.

Enter the sucky but necessary captcha and move on.

In the left bar choose “New Account” and type in your desired alias and passphrase.

If you’ve read our other guides on PGP encryptionTails and/or Monero you know a little on how and why you need to choose a safe passphrase. Check this out for inspiration: PASSPHRASES THAT YOU CAN MEMORIZE — BUT THAT EVEN THE NSA CAN’T GUESS!

Hint: “Den svedige gokkesok spiser hummer på en ultraviolet marsbar” is a good passphrase. “To be or not to be1234” is a rotten one.

Click “Register” and wait for the magic!

They’ve made it easy for the aspiring drug dealer by placing a friendly green button for you to click.

Sign up as a vendor

The faster you click, the faster you can take over the world!

Since we aren’t getting anything bigger going, we’re just making a vendor account for the sake of this guide (and you), we choose the “lite” option.

Pick whatever suits your needs.

Zion is one of the best markets out there where it’s possible to use Monero between buyer and seller andyou can use Monero to create a vendor account.

Click “Setup lite vendor account”.

Since we’re only using Monero in this guide, we click “account balance” and add the proper amount of Monero (XMR) a lite profile costs.

Before you throw Monero at your account, you need to set a PIN. You’ll need this when withdrawing Monero from the market so choosing a PIN you can remember is a pretty good idea. A six-digit PIN wouldn’t be bad either.

Once you’ve sent Monero, allow about a minute for the balance to update and the amount will appear on your account.

Click your profile name at the top left at the market and then at “sign up as vendor” (again).

These are the final steps in creating a vendor account.

At present time you can’t compete the process without entering a Bitcoin address and a Bitcoin public address for multisignature transactions even if you only accept Monero. This appears to be a tiny error on the market which will probably be corrected soon.

If you have configured Tails with a persistent partition, you can run Electrum Wallet and quickly create a Bitcoin address and a Public Key for multisignature if you don’t already have these.

Enter your public PGP-key and click “complete your vendor signup”.

You’ll now receive a PGP-message from the market. You need to decrypt this to get a code. If you’ve read our PGP guide, this will be a piece of cake.

Mark and copy the entire PGP-message. When you’ve done this, you’ll see the “clipboard” icon at the top left change to add a padlock.

Select “Decrypt/Verify Clipboard”.

Enter your code in the pop-up.

When you’ve decrypted the message you need to copy the short code and paste it to the blank “message text” at the Zion market.

Click “Confirm PGP-key!” and confirm the correct addition of your PGP-key.

This is where the fun begins! Why? Because your vendor account has been activated!

Party, party, party, party!

In the left bar, fourth from the top, select “vendor settings”.

Enter the various data and continue downwards.

[Profile page text: type something delicious here! Refund policy: and something scrumptious here!]

You can look at what others are writing in their sales ads for that type of goods you’re selling and get inspiration to your own profile text and policies on refunds, should the goods never reach the buyer. Not all vendors offer returns or partial returns but some do.

Click “update” when you’re done.

Click “+add new product” under “vendor tools” in the left bar.

[Description: accurate description of the product (which in this case is Super Maroc Grade A hashish) plus practical information. This example is done in an obscure Fynnese dialect and specifies that they only ship to Scandinavian countries, requests PGP-encryption of all sensitive data and shipping address format.]

It’s easy-peasy to add a product – almost!

You can’t select countries you want to ship to. You can only set the country you’re shipping from and the continents you’re shipping to. If you only want to ship to Northern countries, you’ll have to write that in your profile text.

Write an appetizing product description and use flattering pictures of your product.

Don’t forget OpSec – including in your pictures!

  • No pictures with a recognizable background, say the Eiffel Tower or your local pub.
  • No people in the pictures.
  • No pictures where the product is held as fingerprints can be read from pictures.
  • Add more points to suit your OpSec needs as you go along.

You could also spend a little time checking out other sales ads at the market for the same type of product to scout out which countries your competitors are shipping and not shipping to.

The postal services of some countries are better at picking up shippings of illegal substances than others, and you’ll often see this mentioned in the sales ads.

As you can see below the prices are listed in USD. If you’d rather use EUR, DKK or other currencies, you can change this under “settings”.

The clever seller scans the market before setting the costs. It can be a good idea to start out with slightly lower prices than your competitors to get your foot in the market and then raise them as you make some sells and get good reviews and feedback on your products.

Then click “add product”!


You need to activate the product before it’s visible to others on the market.

Select “my products” in the left bar – this is where it gets a bit hairy…

Select the product by clicking the gray button to the right. In the pic above the button is orange because we’ve already clicked and selected the product.

In the drop-down menu labelled “action“, select “enable” and then “batch update products“.

Your product is now visible to everyone and you better diligently keep up with the amount of views your ad gets! Once it gets views, that is…

Now you just have to lean back and wait. You could log off. Talk to your cat, she misses you. Prank call the local butcher, he misses you too. Come up with a bunch of other cool stuff to do.

Log back on – especially to you vendor profile at the darknet. If everything has gone well and you’ve made a sale, it will read in bold red letters as soon as you log in.

Click “1 Order to ship“. Yeah!

This is an overview of everything order related. Don’t accept it until you’ve read the encrypted PGP-message from the buyer. He may have misunderstood something, ordered from a country you don’t ship to or other complications. Accept the order when you’re sure you can fulfill it.

The encrypted PGP-message appears when clicking the red “unread message” button. Copy it with CTRL+C and click the padlock on the clipboard icon in the top left (like last time). Select “decrypt/verify clipboard”.

Enter the super secret passphrase you use to unlock your PGP-messages.

It’s all good. A Danish address. Now we return to the market and accept the order. (We know the message says 3 grams and that Claus has bought 1 gram in the other screens. It’s a longer story we won’t bother you with…)

Click “accept order“.

Should you have the need to message the buyer for one reason or another, you can communicate directly from the order manager. Don’t forget to encrypt! The buyers public PGP will automatically show if they have entered it.

Are you ready to pack some drugs? Good. Because the rest is up to you… and the postal service.

Turn this up to set the mood before we move on:


Packing table, fingerprints and DNA

Before you’re packing and shipping your goods, you have obviously acquired:

  • Spraybottle/atomizer with rubbing alcohol
  • Clean cloths/rags
  • Disposable rubber/examination gloves
  • Large duffel bag to move everything in a hurry should you need to
  • Large oil cloth/plastic cover – big enough to keep everything on so you don’t leave any traces where you’re packing

When you’re packing the goods, ask yourself “if I were a uniformed brute, what would I look for in a package like this?”. In other words, never handle the goods without gloves and don’t spit or breathe on them. Fingerprints and DNA will bring you down.

As if thinking about your own traces weren’t enough, don’t forget to remove prints and DNA from others from your goods. Should the police discover that all your stamps are covered in DNA from your local stamp pusher, it doesn’t take an investigative genius to connect it to your business.

Conclusion: wipe down envelopes, stamps and packaging with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is a lovely liquid that dissolves the grease in fingerprints and the cells containing your (and other’s) DNA. Diligence is alpha and omega in your entire business.


Don your best packing gear and place the stuffs on your best packing table.

We’ve skipped ahead a bit and printed the address on some self-adhesive paper (image a picture of a printer printing).

We recommend you get self-adhesive paper suited for address labels and that sort. Something pre-cut as the other kind is impossible the separate – even without gloves.

There are many ways to handle different substances when you’re packing them without leaving DNA or fingerprints. The more you pack, the better you get. Practice.

When you’ve shipped your deal of fictitious packages, you should be good and ready to ship stuff in to the real world.

On goes the stamp and address label.

You’ve probably noticed the purple sponge next to the digital scale. It doesn’t make sense in this scenario because the stamps are self-adhesive. What a time to be alive. We felt it belonged anyway since you might break a sweat working hard and the sponge can be used to pat it away. You could also soak it in rubbing alcohol and wipe down the package.

So far, so good. Off you go – remember the package!


Switch up the mailboxes. Never go to the post office, they have video surveillance. Go to the mailboxes at different times and pick locations where you don’t stand out. Don’t touch the packages when you’re sending them, keep them in a plastic bag and chuck them in from the bag (think reverse dog doodoo pick up). Use gloves if conditions are appropriate.

[Sticker reads “taxation is theft“]

We found one of the prettier mailboxes and dumped the package. It’s now on its way to the customer whom we’ll guarantee is going to love it.

This is our recipient:

See, for those unfamiliar with the political climate regarding Danish drug policy, our test address belongs to Claus Oxfeldt – Danish Police Force spokesperson and avid supporter of prohibition.

Now go home, log back on to the market and mark the order as shipped.

Zion uses Escrow so allow a few days for the Monero transaction to release to your account balance.

Upon delivery the buyer will release Escrow and you’ll be credited. Should the buyer fail to do so – maybe he OD’ed on pot – Escrowe will automatically release the amount efter three days so don’t worry.

You can pay $500 for the FE (Finalize Early) option. With this you’ll get credited as soon as an order is placed and the buyer has transferred the Monero.

You can see the released Escrow under “$ payments” in the sidebar.

The market automatically transfers Monero to the address you’ve submitted once you hit 0.5 XMR on your vendor profile. This ensures that your money doesn’t disappear should the market crash or get shut down.

If you don’t feel like waiting for that, just click “send it immediately” and wait a bit.

Monero coming our way for our first sale of narcodrugs on darknet! It doesn’t get much better than that.

We’ll admit we shed a little tear once the transaction cleared and we received the final confirmation that we’ve made the world a better and safer place and made at least one person named Claus Oxfeldt very happy.

Remove metadata from your pictures

When you’re snapping pics of your merch, you’re not only capturing the delicious drugs. Any digital camera (yes, the one on your phone as well) adds data to the image which you can’t see with the naked eye, so-called EXIF-data. This data contain information on resolution, date, camera model and in certain – very unfortunate cases – GPS-coordinates.

This is why you must make sure to scrub your photos of all data before you post them on the market.

Luckily this is pretty easy with Tails.

Go to Applications –> system tools –> MAT

MAT (Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit) is just the tool we need.

Once you’ve drag-and-dropped the images to the toolkit (you can add them with the big blue arrow as well), click “clean” and watch the magic happen.

Don’t forget that you’re only able to save in the Tails folder “persistent” since the system is designed that way.

Your writing may give you away

We all have different writing styles. It’s important to consider the way you word your vendor account since common sayings, spelling and grammatical errors may link your account to your person.

We recommend you ditch all writing hang-ups and write as simple and generic as possible. Skip capitalizations and write in either all lower case or all caps. Skip punctuation and stick to short sentences and sections.

Generally speaking void your online writing of personality.

For instance the writing style of this guide would be a no-go in a profile text.

Some tips and tricks are

  • Short sentences
  • No punctuation
  • All lower case or all caps
  • Write in English and accept all corrections from your device
  • Put on your critical goggles and look at your Facebook profile – and try to avoid the linguistic characteristics of it

So why haven’t we taken our own advice on the above instruction pics? Because we like to have fun. But you’re not here for a good time, you’re here to make money and avoid the slammer.

How do I spend the money?

It’s pretty important you don’t run to the bank with all your newly earnings. You need to realize that money earned from this kind of business is different from money earned as a sales clerk at the local 7-11. But fret not. There are several ways to spend your drug money.

Crypto debit card

Connecting crypto-assets and normal money is an industry. Many companies offer debit cards that link a crypto exchange to a bank account. In that way you can send your crypto (usually bitcoin) to an address at the company in question and withdraw it with an accompanying debit card.

These cards are not anonymous and all require you identify yourself with a passport and documentation of address. These documents aren’t exactly difficult to forge but a debit card should be the way you get money for new merchandise. It’s simply too dangerous to leave a paper trail when it comes to larger cash withdrawals in the same country in which you conduct your business.

A debit card as alright if you’re going to party on in Thailand but not to run your business.

As for the Danish conditions the authorities have their heads and arms waaay up the asses of the electronic SIPS (Systematically Important Payment Systems). If you use a debit card in Denmark, the uniformed ruffians can see it so keep these activities to an absolute minimum – especially within the borders.

Crypto ATM

Copenhagen has several bitcoin ATMs that give cash for bitcoin (when they work). They aren’t the most reliable but they provide a way for you to get some cash in a jiff. Use Google to find them.

Online exchange of Monero

Many dealers in crypto currencies in the real world won’t accept the more exotic coins. Hence the practicality in exchanging Monero to, say, Ether or Bitcoin.

This is relatively easy at Shapeshift.io.

Using Shapeshift through TOR is an anonymous way to convert your currencies. This service does not require any form of identification.

Many of life’s joys are available for cash

Once you’ve set yourself up, it’s pretty straight-forward to live a comfortable life from good, untaxed moneys.

It’s possible to rent for cash, buy cars for cash and spend up to DKK 100,000 a day on Copenhagen’s main street without any problems.

Don’t be scared to make a living in crypto currencies. If you put a little thought and energy in to it, you can enjoy a comfortable way of living.

So it’s completely risk free?

You’ve made all kinds of efforts, got in to TOR. Tails, crypto currencies, real world OpSec and all the other things it takes to sell drugs online, and now you ask yourself “am I 100% sure to get away scot-free?”.

And the answer is NO!

In the business of selling narcotics, being online or other, there’s always a risk. By selling online you can do a lot to minimize the risks but you can never obliterate it. If the thought of going to jail is unacceptable to you, don’t bet on becoming the Pablo Escobar of the Internet. Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

But is it a great risk? No. Compared to being, say, a white or brown courier, you’re pretty well off. The greatest risk in this business is the customers and the people you surround yourself with. Someone is bound to say too much, which is why it’s a great advantage to never meet your customers.

An old-school street level pusher has an enormous social interface. As a darknet drug dealer it’s miniscule and the risk of some low-life blabbering is therefore much smaller. The online vendor only has real contact with his supplier of narcotics and they’re typically a lot more professional than the average customer.

The risk of raiding

One of the potential points of attack against you and your business is getting caught with your merchandise going to or from your supplier. Say the police meet you as you’re hauling 1,000 grams of cannabis. You can bet your buns that your registered address is about to be raided by men with guns.

Should this happen it could get pretty hard to explain having scales, bags, envelopes and all the other stuff at your house and the police’s interest in you just went up. They’ll still have a hard time connecting you to all of your sells as long as you’ve encrypted all your devices and keep your lips sealed. But it’s still a situation you don’t want to end up in.

The serious vendor wouldn’t run his business from his private address (should your actual address be the same as your registered one). Find another place, a suitable place to store your things – and obviously not paid from your own bank account.

Alternately you can keep your things somewhere you’re not packing them for shipping and only have it there while you work. Get creative.

The essence is to make an investigation as complicated as possible. You can never be 100% safe but you can keep you and your business a difficult target.

Have an exit strategy

If you for some reason suspect an investigation of you, you should think of your next step.

Has the person letting you rent a basement been interrogated by the police? Have you been followed by people with earpieces? Do you just want to leave the game?

Should this be the case, you should have a plan of ridding the evidence against you. Think of an actual place to dispose of your dealer-kit. You can’t just toss it in your own dumpster, at least pick one far from where you live.

It’s a great advantage to keep everything in a duffel bag when you’re not using it. It also makes it easier to get rid off in a hurry.

Before you toss it wipe the whole thing down with rubbing alcohol so your prints and DNA aren’t all over it. A great place to dispose of a phone is a storm drain.

In case of police interrogation

Should the worst possible scenario happen and you’re arrested and interrogated by the police, don’t panic. Most cases against criminals are built on information they have voluntarily provided themselves. If people would just shut up and stop incriminating themselves, the amount of judgments would drastically drop.

Practice in front of the mirror “I do not answer questions“.

This is the only thing you have to say when people in uniform are present. Since we’re currently in Denmark, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to “testify” against yourself as of the Administration of Justice Act, art. 750. (Similar laws apply all over the western hemisphere)

Unfortunately us humans are hardwired to talk and confess. You must actively fight this primal urge, should you end up in the arms of the law.

The procedure during an interrogation is that the interrogating officer will poke for openings by being nice and friendly. Can he get you talking about insignificant stuff, like the temperature of the room, or if you’d like a glass of water, he can probably get you talking about the investigation itself.

Therefore all your answers must be either “yes”, “no” or “I don’t answer questions”.

It’s pretty unnatural to have this attitude towards other people which is why you need to practice it. Don’t engage in conversations with the police – it’s never to your advantage. If they want evidence, they’ll have to find it themselves – don’t help them. Prepare for silence and frowny faces.

The super brief summary

To summarize the important things you need to remember as an online drug dealer:

  • Use TOR.
  • Use Tails.
  • Use cash for all business related purchases.
  • Don’t get fingerprints or DNA on the goods.
  • Don’t access the Internet through a medium you’re the registered owner of.
  • Don’t tell everybody and their moms about your activities.
  • Don’t keep suspicious items at your home address.
  • Don’t withdraw funds from exchanges where you use your own name.
  • Don’t ever talk to the police. “I do not answer questions”, is the only thing you’ll say.

Remember, folks. Running this kind of business isn’t gung-ho. It’s slow and steady. Selling drugs online isn’t the most exhilarating, it’s boring fiddly work that takes thought and diligence. If you’re looking for excitement, go to Thailand and screw around without a condom and bungee jump with instructors that don’t speak English.

‘Nuff talk. Now go make the world a better, freer and safer place!